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About Us


The Tucson Helper

The Tucson Helper is a Handyman & Home Services company specializing in residential property up keep for home owners, investors and real estate agents. The Tucson Helpers number one priority is care of your home. We will help you with your annual home care essentials while guiding you towards proper care of your home’s equity.

Reach out to The Tucson Helper today to schedule your home care needs.

Clients hire us when they have thought about their equity care and want to maintain the key components of their house when they do not have the capacity or capability to do so on their own.

We provide home evaluations, repairs, and guidance to clients and business partners alike to create a lasting relationship that retains our level of expertise and respect within the industry.

  • Appropriately advise you on the condition of your home.
  • Fully extend to you our proven network of additional housing trades.
  • Will not treat you as an experiment.

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O. Daniel Raine

Daniel was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and grew up between there and Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He is from Minnesconsin. Daniel grew up in a single-parent household and excelled in baseball and basketball; he joined the United States Air Force after graduating High School.

While serving in the Air Force, Daniel obtained three career designations: Aircraft Maintenance(2004-2013), Airfield and Runway Systems (2013-2014), and Training and Education Manager(2014-2018). Throughout his time in service, Daniel doubled as an education major at Augsburg University in Minneapolis, MN (Special Education with emphases on Emotional and Behavioral Disorders). After a decorated 14 year career, he decided to separate from Service, stop taking college courses, and move from Minnesota to Arizona to become a Realtor ® in 2018.

After 4 years of in depth and strategic business coaching from within Lopez & Lopez, REALTORS®, and after helping hundreds of clients achieve their real estate goals/dreams, Daniel decided to open his own business to help homeowners care for their properties with The Tucson Helper, Handyman and Home Services. Because, sometimes you just need a guy with a truck.

In his free time, Daniel enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons while remaining active in Military Veteran groups.