Do you have Questions?

Most estimates can be completed between conversations and photos at no charge. Final price will be agreed upon before beginning the project.

All jobs are bid per job – no hourly rate is available. This allows the most transparency and ability to work within your budget.

We have many handyman repair supplies & consumables on our truck and will bill you for the materials used on your project. For additional supplies (ceiling fans, toilets, mirrors, paint, ect.), you have several options:

  • You can purchase materials ahead of time and have them ready for the handyman when he arrives on the job.
  • You may order items online for the handyman to pickup for a $35 pickup fee (completed 1-3 days prior to job).
  • You may meet the handyman at the store and pay for the materials directly for a $100 shopping fee (completed 1-3 days prior to job).
  • You may have the handyman pick up the materials needed for the job for a $125 shopping fee & handling fee (completed 1-3 days prior to job).

Cash, check, or Zelle are preferred methods of payment, but we do accept credit or debit cards with a 4% service fee.

The Tucson Helper is verified through the Arizona Department of Public Safety to be in your home. It is not essential for you to be present, so long as the property is accessible.

Submitting a request through www.thetucsonhelper.com will initiate a follow up call to schedule the next available time slot – we are scheduling 1-3 weeks out.

We offer limited home care services to assist the elderly and snowbird population in greater Tucson, Arizona who may just need a little help.

Not accepting large projects.

We do not offer any remodeling or home renovation services.